Unit 1

These resources will help you to better understand how to read, interpret, analyze, and understand maps, using Unit 1: Thinking Geographically as a backdrop. The summary sheet and quiz will help you to break down maps to develop deeper understanding and to learn about the importance that naming and labeling maps plays in the message that the creator of the map is attempting to convey.

Summary Sheet Unit 1 Quiz

World Map

Unit 4

Using a variety of materials, you will analyze the political geography of South Korea, learning to classify political entities in the Korean peninsula, examining the types of political boundaries present, and will analyzing the function of political boundaries - both land and sea boundaries.

Summary Sheet Unit 4 Quiz Unit 4 Free Response Question

Statue of Brothers

Unit 5

This module will help you to better identify key agricultural concepts, as well as develop skills in interpreting and analyzing different types of stimuli. Using the concepts of subsistence and commercial agriculture you will interpret and analyze sources as well as draw connections between a variety of stimuli.

Summary Sheet Unit 5 Quiz Unit 5 Free Response Question

child farming with ox